"Dude, we just kissed."

"Yay us!"

"Jon, what are you doing?"

Oh dear.

"I'm bailing, Jon."

"I think Jon's trying to slap my ass."


"Ok, that thing you were doing before we fell? Do that again..."

"Yes, that."

Apparently Danielle needed in on that action.

Note to all: This is Danielle's favorite photo of the night. It tells a story if you look closely.

(Enter Paige's perfect ass. But most importantly take note of Anne's sequence of faces in the background...)

Anne: "Mmm, look at dat ass."

Anne to someone: "She's got a nice ass, amiright?"

"Mmm, ass."

What's that you're doin' there, Jon?

About to slap some ass?

Oh wait, no, he just wants everyone to look at Tucker. Anne just wants you to look at her.

They're so cute. It's hard to handle ALL THIS CUTE.

Saucy Sarah.

I see another butt!

Jon: "Do you see how fucking cute this dog is?"

Tucker to everyone: "I hate you all."

Tucker: "God, dear God, please get me out of here."

Anne: "Kiss meh."

Anne to self: "Bewbs."

Poor Eva's face.

Eva: "Hey guys, don't forget about meeee... I'm down hereeee..."

(Sarah's Punk-Rock face.)

(Paige's "I'm being coy and cute face.")

Sarah is v expressive.

oh! Here comes Jon with Tucker again.

Jon to girls: "You guys need a Tucker. Here, take him."

Tucker to self: "Goddamn these assholes."

Sarah: "Look at my amazing tits."

Eva: "Goddammit Jon, get that dog's penis out of my face."

Jon to Eva: "But I thought you needed a Tucker. Here you go. Here's a Tucker for you."

oh wait. Jon was just ditching the dog so he could make out with me. (I approve.)


(Thank you Matt for capturing these. I love you.)

This is Sarah's go-to orgasm-face. We approve.

(God, my extensions look like shit, but look how cute Jon's hand is on my butt.)

Paige internally: "These fuckers are nuts."

But look at MEEEE!! I am so limber WEEEEEeeeee!"

Oh my gah. Suh kewt.

sorry, the rest of these are blurry because someone was handling the camera cough Matt cough. ; )


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